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Town of Clay

Dear Town of Clay Resident:
Beginning, January 1, 2016 trash and recyclables will be picked up by Butler Disposal Systems under contract with the Town of Clay. As was the case last year, the fee for these services will be part of your taxes.

If you need materials picked up, not covered under regular collection rules, call us directly for a competitive price, however, you may contact any hauler for additional pick-ups. If you would like us to pick up your trash and recyclables at some other designated location, such as your garage door, please call us for this additional cost. We will also rent 64 and 95 gallon roll out carts for your use at an additional cost.

Pickup Schedule:

Monday: District 3 & District 5

Tuesday: District 7

Wednesday: District 1, District 4, & District 6

Thursday: District 2

Friday: District 8

Trash and recyclables will be collected between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. This collection may be changed during holiday weeks.

The following is a list of guidelines and requirements for trash collection:

Please place containers outside of road pavement and any gutters so as not to obstruct traffic or block drainage. Recyclable materials should be placed in the Blue Bins you have used in the past. If you need a Blue Bin, they can be picked up free of charge at the Town of Clay, 4401 State Route 31. Limit 2/household.

Trash and refuse must be placed in covered rigid plastic or metal containers. If plastic bags are used, they must be placed in rigid plastic or metal containers. Full containers must not weigh more than 75 pounds. Plastic bags not in covered containers or containers weighing more than 75 pounds will not be picked up. Scraps of wood will be collected, provided they are bundled together, less than three feet long, and less than 25 pounds in weight. One bundle of wood will be collected per household per week. Paint cans will be collected if the tops are off, paint is completely dried (sand or cat litter) and the paint is placed next to the trash. Items that will not be collected include: brush, leaves, grass clippings, cuttings, construction materials, furniture, sinks, tubs, white goods, carpet, and other appliances, tire, batteries, automobile parts, etc. Any of these items mistakenly left at the curb will not be picked up, and according to Town regulations, must be removed from the street side before 6:00 p.m. on collection day.

Due to the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Refuse Act of 2010, we will not pick up Electronic Waste. 

Metal Recycling:

Town of Clay residents can drop off heavy appliances (excluding those containing Freon) and metal items. The Central Disposal Facility accepts items such as:

Heavy appliances that are acceptable:
Washers or dryers
Gas grills – excluding propane tank
Lawn mowers, snow blowers
Irons, fans, fencing, bicycles
All metal items big and small

Items that are not acceptable include:
Air Conditioners
Any item that contains Freon

If you’re unsure if something can be dropped off, please call (315) 652-3800 and follow the prompts to the Highway Department. You may also visit Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency’s website at or call (315) 453-2870 to obtain information on their disposal programs or landfill operations.

Very truly yours,
Todd Butler